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Integrated Supply Chain Solutions. That Delivers Results. Every Day.

Our consultative approach is designed to meet customer needs. And we constantly differentiate ourselves by expanding traditional approaches to develop creative, innovative solutions to meet unique customer requirements.

  • Partner with Associated and you partner with a company that has over 60 years of proven success developing strategic solutions that will increase supply chain efficiency.

    When it comes to continuous improvement in supply chain management, our customers understand that efficient materials handling is the key to the success of their warehouse and distribution operations.

    And to consistently improve their processes, they partner with the experts at Associated to develop and deploy proven solutions that reduce operational costs and boost productivity throughout their facilities.

  • They partner with us not only because we understand that handling materials in your supply chain should be more than material handling.

    They partner with us because they know we have spent thousands of hours in dozens of different types of facilities in a range of industries – with the critical result being that we have acquired industry-leading knowledge about customer processes and expectations, and all of the intricate elements that comprise materials handling.

    This includes facility design, layout and space utilization strategies, to engineering, lift truck fleet management, systems integration, storage and more.

  • Our Sister Company

    Stoffel Equipment Company is the Sister Company of Associated.
    Both Stoffel and Associated are Authorized Raymond Solutions and Support Centers.

The Raymond Solutions and Support Center Difference

Associated and Stoffel Equipment Company are Authorized Raymond Solutions and Support Centers, the industry’s only 100% integrated network of material handling solutions experts, who collectively operate over 100 strategically located facilities across North America.

Through this exclusive relationship, we're able to offer its customers the flexibility to grow or move locations nationwide and maintain the same high levels of sales, service and support they have come to trust from Associated and Stoffel.

  • Because we are wholly integrated, we are able to consistently share best practices information and expertise across the support center network. And combined with the Raymond Corporation itself, you get the benefits of the skills, knowledge and experience of the entire Raymond enterprise — over 4,500 people strong.

    With decades of experience successfully satisfying our customers’ needs on a daily basis, Associated and Stoffel are the companies you can trust for material handling solutions that will make a difference. For you. For your company. And for your bottom line.

Our Company's Core Values

Since our foundation in 1960, it has been part of our mission to focus on the continuous growth and development of our company culture. Our culture can be defined as a set shared values we believe in, attitudes about the work we do, where we see Associated and Stoffel going forward, and how we’re going to get there. Our values reflect the behaviors that shape how we work with each other and with our partners.

  • No Excuse Devotion

    No Excuse Devotion means you are reliable, dependable, trustworthy, honest, consistent, driven and take ownership. When something doesn’t go as planned, the only finger to point is at myself and I take it upon myself to solve the issue or remove the obstacle. In other words, “I got this, count on me to get it completed correctly and on time.”

  • Selfless & Easy to Work With

    Selfless & Easy to Work With means you are approachable, have a positive attitude, and treat others with respect. You are genuine, fun, personable and a true team player. Possessing these qualities and demonstrating them day-to-day make a work environment that people want to be a part of. It creates a place where people enjoy working with each other.

  • Creative Problem Solvers

    To be a Creative Problem Solver means you have knowledge, wisdom, intellect and are a dynamic thinker. You gain these qualities through experience. We can teach anyone skills and develop knowledge in our teams, however, wisdom is different. Wisdom is the application of knowledge. This comes through an individual’s effort and drive. No one can develop wisdom in you, but you.

Real World Solutions. Change The Way You Do Business.

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