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    Providing Integrated Supply Chain Solutions to Our Clients

  • Emerson Climate Technologies

    Associated provided Emerson Climate Technologies a reliable, durable, fulfillment system for their growing parts picking area. After implementation, Emerson became more productive, and they were able to simplify their processes which allowed them to plan/execute much better then they had in the past. The result... increased productivity, increased accuracy which allowed Emerson to better serve their customers with faster order-picking.

  • Merchandise Warehouse

    Merchandise Warehouse doubled its freezer storage size, almost doubled its efficiency, cut the opportunity for product damage and time required for spacer removal in half, and didn't have to add any staff. Watch this video to learn more about the efficient solutions provided that showed immediate results.

More Merchandise Warehouse Videos:

  • Merchandise Warehouse - Labor Efficiency

    Labor Efficiency

  • Merchandise Warehouse - Service


  • Merchandise Warehouse - Solutions


Written Case Studies

  • AGV

    Associated implemented an AGV solution for the client, resulting in reducing: labor costs, 200 forklift trips per shift, and maintenance.

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