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  • FEATURED VIDEO: Strategic Slotting That Can Impact Your Bottom Line

    About: Inventory… although it is the very reason for warehousing, it can also be the primary source of reduced storage space and inefficient processes that ultimately lead to increased warehousing costs.

    Traditionally, appropriate storage mediums and order fulfillment processes have been developed utilizing a question and observation methodology.

    Today, that technique has been enhanced to include a data-driven analysis of your systems and processes through the use of strategic slotting disciplines. Learn the practical approach to implementing a slotting strategy from the real-world perspective of industry experts.

    This educational webinar will cover key program elements including:

    • What is slotting and why is it important
    • Exploring various slotting methods and techniques
    • Understanding and identifying A-D moves
    • How to implement and sustain a strategic slotting discipline

    Best of all, see how these cost savings can be achieved with low risk and at moderate levels of investment that often provide an immediate return on investment.

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