• Labor Management

    Labor Management

    Improving the Way Your Organization Manages, Monitors & Optimizes Your Workforce

Whether your Operation has 25 or 1,500 Employees, Operation
Managers are Increasingly Required to do More Work in Less Time

  • As managers, you are responsible for an overabundance of Labor Management processes, such as recruiting and hiring, training, monitoring performance and progress, motivating employees, maintaining a safe environment, scheduling and much more. All while customer service requirements continue to accelerate, with shorter cycle times and more challenging value-added service requirements.

    The good news is that an effective Labor Management Program can substantially reduce fulfillment cost while increasing throughput and customer service. Better still, these results can be achieved with low risk and at moderate levels of investment that often provide a return on investment in less than 12 months.

    Labor Management System Benefits:

    • • Maximize Employee Utilization & Productivity
    • • Control Costs
    • • Increase Margins
    • • Enhance Corporate Culture
    • • Keep Your Best Employees
    • • Make Informed Staffing Decisions
    • • Analyze Trends for Effective Forecasting
    • • Develop & Implement Best Practices
    • • Manage & Motivate Staff

Let Associated Help Your Company...

  • Best Practices

    Develop Engineered Standards

    Determine the optimal operating methods and procedures and develop the appropriate performance standards.

  • A man and woman sit at a desk in racking aisle with a laptop before them. The woman points at the screen.

    Utilize Labor Management Software

    Ensure that the gains from these initiatives and employee empowerment and satisfaction levels are realized during and after implementation, such as increased employee morale and retention.

  • Five people wearing hardhats in a warehouse each with a hand in the middle of their group, symbolizing team work

    Implement Performance Management

    Considering our client's facility constraints, we develop layouts that provide the optimal material flow leveraging with the appropriate technologies.

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