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  • Types of Material Handling Equipment

    Types of Material Handling Equipment

    Associated University provides a breakdown of material handling equipment in easy-to-understand groups, including cutting-edge technologies that blur the lines between hardware, software, and heavy machinery.

  • Types of Pallet Racking

    Pallet Racking Types

    If the last few years have been any indicator, the future for industrial manufacturing clearly seems to be ‘do more with less’. Warehouse, Distribution and Manufacturing spaces are especially under pressure to increase volumes, throughput, and flexibility, driving the need for a fresh take on storage solutions that address these challenges. To help supply chain business owners weigh their options, we’ve prepared the following article on pallet storage racking types and their key selection factors.

  • A worker in a warehouse full of forklifts holds a clipboard and pen

    Forklift Maintenance Checklist

    The phrase "Forklift Checklist" can mean a wide range of things depending on the industry, application, and business using the term. What does it mean in your particular business? Safety, inventory, fleet management, or something else? With so many possible definitions, we’d like to draw attention to one version that isn’t as widely discussed: the Forklift Maintenance Checklist.

  • Types of Conveyors

    Types of Warehouse Conveyors: How to choose the right one for your application

    In this article, we’ll look at the different types of conveying systems in a distribution environment, key considerations when comparing conveyor options, and how to select the one right for your business.

  • Two images. L: several forklifts in a warehouse aisle carrying loads. R: a stand-up forklift has a telematics device installed on it.

    Impact of Telematics in Fleet Management

    How do we reduce lift truck accidents? Are our warehouse vehicle s being used efficiently? How can we cut fuel and maintenance costs? To help fleet managers approach questions like these, we discuss telematics technology in warehouse fleets and how you can benefit from incorporating them into your operations.

  • Warehouse Space Utilization - image looking down an aisle of a warehouse

    Warehouse Space Utilization

    Associated University takes an in-depth look at various strategies to optimize your space though process and automation applications.

  • How to Choose the Right Forklift

    Forklift Applications: Choosing the right forklift for your application

    Do you know what type of lift truck is right for your needs? We take a look at the variety of industrial lift trucks and warehouse vehicles and their intended applications to help you select the most efficient vehicle for your operation.

  • Automation vs Labor Costs

    Automation vs Labor Costs

    Associated University takes an in-depth look at the changing labor market in the supply chain industry and how automation can be applied to mitigate risks.

  • Culture of Safety

    Culture of Safety

    There are many things to consider when trying to achieve a culture of safety. Here are 3 key ingredients that will help drive and sustain a healthy safety culture in your workplace.

  • Contract Maintenance

    The Benefits of Contract Maintenance on Your Culture and Bottom Line

    There’s no one size fits all for forklift maintenance. Optimizing your fleet, preparing for new technologies and relying on expertise can increase workforce productivity and leverage lift trucks for the best suitable task.

  • Getting Value out of Labor Management Solutions

    How to Get Value out of a Labor Management System

    Data Integration, Part 3.
    Warehouse managers know that increasing efficiency and productivity are key factors in overall profitability and success. But you may not know the extent to which data can help with making better decisions and improving your bottom line.

  • Blog: Repair or Replace

    To Repair or Replace... One of Material Handling’s Great Questions

    One of the great challenges when it comes to managing a forklift fleet is knowing when it is better to repair a piece of equipment versus replacing it.