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  • Power Solutions

    Batteries & Chargers are a reliable,
    durable power source that keep your business moving.

    Associated carries an extensive line of batteries, chargers and battery changing equipment for all your forklift requirements as well as maintenance programs to keep your equipment running efficiently.

    Already have your own batteries? Our technicians will work on any brand of batteries or charger.


We offer our own branded/private label battery and will work on all types and brands of batteries.

Our battery solutions include:

  • Forklift Batteries

    New/Used Batteries

    We offer Advanced Lead Acid Batteries and Alternative Energy Sources including Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Lithium-Ion Batteries.

  • Scheduled Maintenance

    Battery Scheduled Maintenance Programs

    Properly maintained batteries are key in extending battery life, reducing repair cost and allows for optimal electric forklift performance.

  • Battery Watering

    On-Site Battery Watering

    We offer on-site battery watering, detailed to your specific application needs.

  • Battery Evaluation

    Battery Field Service

    Repair Service, Field Load Testing, Cable/Cell Replacement, and On-Site Analysis

  • Battery Evaluation

    Battery Shop Evaluation

    Acid Adjustment, Capacity Testing, Tray Repair, and Corrosion Removal

  • Battery Washing

    Battery Washing

    On-site battery washing.


We offer our own branded/private label charger and will work on all types and brands of chargers.

Our charger solutions include:

  • power systems

    New/Used Chargers

    We offer battery chargers for every facility environment, budget and battery type - including dedicated fast and opportunity charging systems, as well as CEC certified universal chargers that charge both lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries.

  • industrial battery chargers

    Charger Field Service

    Our technicians are thoroughly trained to service any brands of industrial chargers and battery changeout systems.

  • industrial battery chargers

    Charger Scheduled Maintenance Programs

    Improper charging practices can increase charging frequency and shorten the life of your battery. Routine, proper maintenance of your chargers is crucial to keeping your operation up and running.

Power Solutions 101

  • Battery Watering with a Single-Point Watering System

    Learn how to safely water a lead acid battery with a single-point watering system in nine easy-to-remember steps!

  • Proper Industrial Charger Practices

    In this short video we go over the safety and basics of proper charger practices when it comes to charging an industrial battery.

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