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Columbia’s pure electric utility vehicles are designed and built for long life cycles and maximum capability in any environment.

  • Columbia Journeyman


    Engineered to easily adapt and transform from one job to another, the Journeyman is ideal for any space where safe, efficient transportation is both vital and a moving target. The Journeyman series is available in a range of sizes, configurations and can move almost anywhere - including public roads.


    • Models: 6
    • Seats: 2 to 6
    • Rated Capacity: 800-1,100 lb
    • Rated Range: 40 miles
    • Max Forward Speed: 25 mph
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  • Columbia Vehicles Utilitruck


    Tackle the tasks golf carts simply aren’t built for and get more done with the same versatile vehicle. The Utilitruck can be configured through an endless combination of mission-specific upfits for greater capability where you need it most


    • Models: 6
    • Seats: Up to 4
    • Rated Capacity: 1,250lb
    • Rated Range: 40 miles
    • Max Forward Speed: 25mph
    • Tow Capacity: 1,500lb
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  • Columbia Expediter


    The Expediter is designed for maximum productivity without compromising speed or safety. Its narrow design, tight turning radius and impressive capacity rating enables you to deliver payloads through tight spots right up to the job site.


    • Seats: Up to 2
    • Rated Capacity 750 lb
    • Rated Range: 25 miles
    • Max Forward Speed: 8.5 mph
    • Tow Capacity: 1,000 lb
    • 157" turning radius
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  • Columbia Vehicles Stockchaser


    The Stockchaser replaces large, inefficient material handlers with a smaller, faster utility vehicle perfect for order-picking, stock replenishment, towing, materials expediting and more.


    • Models: 2
    • Seats: Up to 7
    • Rated Capacity 1,200 lb
    • Rated Range: 20 or 40 miles
    • Max Forward Speed: 8.5 mph
    • Tow Capacity: 6,000 lb
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  • Columbia Vehicles Payloader


    Take light or heavy loads to places other high-capacity burden carriers simply can’t go and replace forklifts with a safer alternative. The Payloader uses the same steel chassis for all weight classes to provide the dependability you need from a heavy carrier.


    • Models: 3
    • Seats: Up to 4
    • Rated Capacity 4,000 lb
    • Range: 30 miles
    • Max Forward Speed: 17 mph
    • Tow Capacity: 18,000 lb
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  • Columbia Chariot


    The Chariot saves valuable time getting to work, enabling key personnel to spend more time doing work. Pure electric power, narrow width design, tight turning radius, and stand-up operation give you long range, impressive maneuverability, and high visibility everywhere you go.


    • Seats: 1
    • Rated Capacity 400 lb
    • Range: 35 miles
    • Max Forward Speed: 9 mph
    • 12 Volt electric power system
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About Columbia

  • For over 70 years, Columbia has manufactured vehicles in America that enhance productivity, comfort, and utility in a variety of settings and functions. Designed for maximum efficiency, longevity, and ease-of-use in any environment, our pure electric vehicles help you achieve peak operational performance in transporting, carrying, and towing––all with zero emissions.

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