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Associated University Presents:

Lift Truck Fleet Replacement & Acquisition Strategies
Long Term Strategies That Focus on Saving Dollars Instead of Cents

Wednesday, September 20, 2017
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CST
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The Economic life of capital equipment is the expected period of time during which an asset is useful to the average owner. Estimating the economic life of an asset is important for businesses so that they can determine when it is worthwhile to invest in new equipment and they can allocate appropriate funds to purchase replacements once the equipment has exceeded its useful life. Why are lift truck fleet replacement strategies so important?  First, they help to minimize unexpected downtime while working to maximize productivity.  For example, an older truck may need more frequent and costly repairs which can result in more downtime than you can afford to have.  Secondly, not having an effective fleet replacement strategy can result in increased equipment, labor, maintenance, energy and insurance expenses.  Further, industry surveys have found that many companies without documented replacement strategies for their lift truck fleet tend to have 10%-20% more lift trucks than needed.  For most companies, reducing just one lift truck from their fleet would conservatively save over $30,000 a year in labor and other operational costs.
In addition to understanding how to determine when a piece of equipment has surpassed its useful economic life is it also important to develop a comprehensive financial acquisition strategy to purchase new equipment.   This will allow you to have the appropriate capital budgeted for and will most likely help you save money when the time comes to purchase. 
From the perspectives of Fleet Optimization and Financial Specialists, you will learn how to:
-Develop metrics that will allow you to properly determine when your lift truck has reached the end of its economic, life.
-Develop a comprehensive fleet replacement strategy
-Determine a financial acquisition strategy for the purchase of new trucks
-Prepare for financial impacts such as taxes, deductions, changes in economy, etc.
-Recognize key factors for program success



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