The Benefits of Lift Truck Attachments

The Benefits of Lift Truck Attachments

Oct 21, 2013

Create Efficiencies and Streamline Processes by Adding Cost-Effective Attachments.

Businesses could save a substantial amount of money and time if they have their lift trucks fitted with the correct attachments in their facilities. There are a number of attachments on the market today that offer safe and innovative solutions such as Side Shifters, Fork Positioners and Carton Clamps, that can help to significantly increase productivity levels and safety.

Side Shifters:

This attachment allows you to shift the forks from side to side allowing for small adjustments to be made by the operator, enabling alignment with pallets without maneuvering the entire lift truck.

Using a Side Shifter can help you to reduce damage to pallets, product and rack and reduce wear and tear on tires, steering and drive units. Since the driver will be more efficient this attachment also helps to reduce pick times and the corresponding labor costs.

Fork Positioners:

forklift fork positioner

This attachment gives you the ability to position the forks from the driver’s seat rather than getting off the truck and doing it manually. 

The effective implementation of a fork positioner will reduce damage because the operator can adjust the forks to the correct width for a pallet they are attempting to pick up, quickly and easily. It will also help to improve operator safety by reducing back strains and possible pinching of hands or fingers from manually moving the forks and will increase productivity by eliminating the need for an operator to get on and off of his lift multiple times to adjust his forks.

Carton Clamps:

carton clamp

This attachment consists of large aluminum flexing plates that compress sideways into a square load. The aluminum plates have grooved, rubber-gripping pads that compress together like giant hands to secure the sides of box-like loads. They can pick up stacked palletless objects like square cans and plastic containers.

This attachment will prove to be particularly useful in loading large unpalletized items from one area to another. It will give you the ability to move these large bulky items quickly and efficiently. 

Before adding the above attachments or any other piece of equipment to a lift truck, make sure the lift trucks is suited to handle the equipment. You will also want to make sure your forklift has an auxiliary function with a quick disconnect. This will allow one truck to be capable of performing multiple tasks by allowing you to change out attachments.

When it comes to lift truck attachments, there is a wide variety of equipment that can be added to just about any lift truck. Your local lift truck supplier should be able to recommend the attachment that will work best for your operation.

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