Creating a Greener Warehouse

Creating a Greener Warehouse

Dec 30, 2013
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5 Tips That Will Help You Reduce Costs and Create a More Sustainable Environment

Reduce Your Travel Distance

Your forklifts travel a substantial number of miles each year, including many that are probably unnecessary. Many times forklifts are traveling more than they need to because of inefficient product slotting. Reducing the distances these workhorses have to travel within your facility will minimize your energy costs.

Warehouse Lighting

Switching your facility’s older lighting fixtures for more current, energy-efficient lighting could wind up saving you up to 75% on lighting energy costs as well as provide some potential tax benefits. 

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors and light timers aren’t just useful for security. They also can be used to make sure certain areas of your facilities are lighted only when personnel are actually working in those areas.

Dock Doors

Take a close look at your facility’s dock doors. Do they open and close slowly? Do they contain adequate insulation, and are there breaches in the sealing around them? If so, they could be contributing to thousands of dollars’ worth of temperature loss. To hold warm or cold air in longer and reduce your associated heating and cooling requirements, consider installing newer, faster moving doors at your docks. 


Recycling of materials in the warehouse can significantly reduce waste. Sending used packaging and packing material to recycling facilities rather than waste facilities is the environmentally correct decision to make. However there are many instances in a warehouse where recycling is also appropriate such as the recycling or environmentally correct disposal of batteries, oil and chemicals. Additionally, many companies will actually pay you to dispose of these items and insure compliance with all laws affecting their disposal.