Very Satisfied vs Somewhat Satisfied Customers

Very Satisfied vs Somewhat Satisfied Customers

Lisa Everly - Director of Client RelationsNov 22, 2016
Customer, Customer Service, Customer Experience

Is there a difference between a “Very Satisfied” and “Somewhat Satisfied” Customer? The answer is: Absolutely!

Very Satisfied Customers are typically loyal to you and your organization. Through time, they’ve come to rely on your consistent attention to detail, concern for what matters most to them and your honesty, even in difficult situations. They did not become loyal or very satisfied in a single transaction.

For all customers price remains a factor, however, for the very satisfied it is less of a concern simply because of the value, benefits and the high level of dependable service they receive. The experience of the very satisfied customer tells them that your concern and service does not stop after the sale is complete. This experience allows them to feel a part of your team and makes referring you to their colleagues that much easier.

A very satisfied customer need not shop around, in their minds they’ve found their solution.

Conversely, a Somewhat Satisfied Customer feels that their needs have been met, but you have not “wowed” them with your products or services. They see you and your company as simply providing sufficient results. When they recall their latest interaction with you, you’re simply average.

The somewhat satisfied customer has not been given a reason to remain loyal, they rate the interaction on the negotiated price, realizing they’ve been given little else to measure you against your competitors, who offer similar products and services. They did not feel they built a relationship with you, but rather completed a transaction. They did not feel valued in a way that made it meaningful to them.

A somewhat satisfied customer will not be a good source of referral. They will shop around searching for someone who will change their experience allowing them to feel valued and ultimately, very satisfied