Rack Repair Identification and Replacement

Rack Repair Identification and Replacement

Feb 01, 2018
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One of the most common safety concerns in many warehouses and distribution centers today is rack damage caused by lift truck impact.

To help prevent any potential safety issues it is imperative that inspections for damaged racking be part of your company’s daily routine. A common concern among warehouse managers when inspecting rack is knowing what to look for and how to determine when a rack needs to be repaired. Below are some examples that will help you identify when it is time to replace your rack:


Needs to be Monitored for Potential Failure

  • Dents up to 1 inch depth of the face of the upright
  • No creases in the steel
  • No broken welds


Needs to be Repaired to Avoid Potential Failure

  • Dents beyond ½ in depth of the face of the upright
  • Creases in the steel
  • Broken welds
  • Torn steel


Once you have identified that you have rack that needs to be repaired, it is crucial that you fix the issue immediately to avoid any potential disaster. In many cases, rack repair is an easy on-site option that can help ensure your structure’s integrity and safety.


For years, addressing warehouse rack damage was a matter of replacing of rack components, especially the load-bearing columns. However, the pressure to maintain continuous product flow and the substantial costs associated with this investment often overrides replacement of damaged racks.


Today, rack replacement is not your only option; there have been dramatic improvements in the technology used to repair damaged racks. Rack repair can cut out the damaged areas of the rack and add a new post for a more impact-resilient solution. In most instances, there is no need to unload the pallet rack. These repairs can be done on site and offer minimal facility interruption. Additionally, the repair will maintain the structural integrity of your system and reduce maintenance costs.


Damaged pallet rack is an important safety consideration in any warehousing environment. As the warehouse is potentially one of the most dangerous places to work, it's important that your racking is up to stringent health and safety standards.