Piece Handling

Goods to Person Storage / Retrieval

  • Material Handling, Consulting, Supply Chain, VLM, Vertical Carousel

    Vertical Lift Module (VLM)

    To leverage a facilities vertical space for storage denisty and provide increased picking productivity, VLMs provide an economic technology.

  • Storage and Structures, Storage, Warehouse, Material Handling


    With a unique adaptation of shuttle technology, OPEX does not dedicate shuttles per storage level and incorporates goods-to-person stations into their storage system.

  • Automation, Piece Handling, Shuttles


    Whether your application requires for high thoughput or load sequencing, shuttle systems provide a good value for buffer systems.

Order Fulfillment

  • Automation, Piece Handling, Pin to Cart

    Pick to Cart

    In low volume, high SKU count environments, Pick to Cart is a very cost effective solution.

  • Automation, Piece Handling, Pick and Pass

    Pick and Pass

    In medium volume, medium SKU count environments, a Pick and Pass system may be an appropriate design.

Order Processing

  • Automation, Piece Handling, Pick to Light

    Pick to Light / Put to Light

    For high pick density applications, Pick or Put to Light technology provides visual recognition and confirmation for increased productivity.

  • Automation, Piece Handling, Voice Picking

    Pick and Pass

    For hands free picking applications, voice picking technology provides high mobility with great productivity.

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Piece Handling Technologies and Applications