• Columbia Payloader


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The Payloader offers unmatched versatility in carrying and towing capability while providing a level of maneuverability beyond the typical heavy material handler.

With a slim profile and exceptional turning radius, the Payloader replaces dangerous forklifts to deliver materials through tight spaces – all while improving visibility and overall safety. With a range of carrying capacities from 2,400 to 4,000 pounds, and an optional rated towing capacity of 18,000 pounds, the Payloader can handle all kinds of loads with optional extra seating and carrying capacity for special applications and extra heavy requirements. Pure electric power and the same steel chassis used throughout our vehicle line offer an impressive level of access, range, and ruggedness for any task it's put to.

  • Columbia Payloader
  • Features
    • Models: 3
    • Seats: Up to 4
    • Rated Capacity 4,000 lb
    • Range: 30 miles
    • Max Forward Speed: 14 mph
    • Tow Capacity: 18,000 lb
    • 76" Bed Length
    • 12 gauge steel smooth plate body
    • 10 gauge steel support sections
    • Best in class load capacities
    • Front & rear steel bumpers
    • Class H motor insulation
    • Dual head & tail lights

    Popular Options
    • Steel cab with doors
    • Cargo van enclosures
    • Seat belts
    • Turn signals
    • Hour meter
    • Rapid battery exchange system
    • DC-to-DC converters
    • In-motion beeper
    • Fold-away 2nd seat
    • Tire/wheel combinations

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