• Columbia Journeyman


    from Columbia Vehicles

The Journeyman series gives staff the speed and on-site configurability they need to be more productive across multiple tasks, all day long.

Engineered to easily adapt from job to job, the Journeyman series is ideal for maintenance, higher education, hospitality, construction, or any other space where safe, efficient transportation is both vital and a moving target. Its street-legal LSV option makes it the perfect choice for operating on both private areas and public roadways.

  • Columbia Journeyman
  • Features
    • Models: 6
    • Seats: 2 to 6
    • Rated Capacity: 800-1,100 lb
    • Rated Range: 40 miles
    • Max Forward Speed: 25 mph
    • Seat belts
    • Dual High/Low Head & Tail Lights

    Popular Options
    • Street Legal
    • Drop Side Cargo Box
    • Rear-Facing Seat

Real World Solutions. Change The Way You Do Business.

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