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  • Power Solutions

    Associated offers a full line of forklift batteries, chargers and battery changing equipment designed to keep your business moving in the most demanding industrial and warehousing environments.

    We also provide many different Power Solution Programs to keep your charge going strong.

    Solutions Offered:

    • New/Used Batteries
    • Chargers
    • Battery Changing Equipment
    • Power Accessories
    • Battery Programs
    • Charger Programs


  • lead acid battery, forklift battery

    Advanced Lead Acid Products

    Lead Acid Batteries

    A tried and true technology that provides flexibility, lead acid batteries are durable and can operate effectively within a variety of applications.

    • Low Acquisition Cost

    Thin Plate Pure Lead

    Thin plate pure lead (TPPL) batteries decrease charging time, optimize cycle performance, and simplifies fleet maintenance.

    • No watering, battery cleaning, or weekly equalization

  • lithium ion, raymond lithium, lithium ion forklift

    Lithium Ion Batteries

    Long-lasting and fast-charging, lithium power eliminates the need to buy or store spare batteries for dramatic cost savings. Robust and efficient, this technology can enhance efficiency and productivity in demanding applications.

    • Increased Power Capacity
    • No Traditional Maintenance

  • forklift fuel cell, alternative energy, hydrogen fuel cells

    Alternative Energy Sources

    With our commitment to alternative energy sources, we also offer power system support options that include approved Hydrogen Fuel Cells, and third party lithium-ion batteries.

Associated offers the following Power Solutions Programs

  • Battery Scheduled Maintenance

    • Check all cell voltages and record high and low readings
    • Check and record high and low specific gravities
    • Water Battery
    • Inspect/test Watering System (if applicable)
    • Inspect cables and connector for exposed wiring or damage
    • Replace missing vent caps
    • Hand-wipe surface with cleaning/neutralizing agent
    • Record all safety concerns
    • Submit Written Report with findings

    Battery & Charger Field Service

    • Battery & Charger Repair
    • Emergency Service
    • Field Load Testing
    • Cable Replacement
    • Cell Replacement
    • On-Site Analysis
    • Submit Written Report with findings

  • Charger Scheduled Maintenance

    • Verify and record Input Voltage
    • Verify and record Output Amps
    • Inspect for loose connections
    • Verify Control Programming (if applicable)
    • Inspect cables and output connector
    • Blow off Charger components
    • Wipe exterior
    • Submit Written Report with findings

    On-Site Battery Watering

    • Detailed to your specific needs

    Battery Washing

    • On-Site Battery Washing

    Battery Shop Adjustment

    • Acid Adjustment
    • Capacity Testing
    • Tray Repair
    • Corrosion Removal

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