Case Handling

Case Handling Technologies and Applications

When your operation is being driven by throughput and order fulfillment requirements, Associated can help develop a solution that leverages the latest proven technologies.

Order Fulfillment

    Products, Automation, Case Conveyor, Pick to Pallet

    Pick to Pallet

    In case picking applications where the overall volume is low enough that aisle congestion is not impacting order filling thresholds, Pick-to-Pallet provides a very economical order filling solution.

    Products, Automation, Case Conveyor, Pick to Belt

    Pick to Belt

    When case picking order profiles indicate a large number of orders that all require similar SKUs, a batch pick Pick-to-belt application can provide ROI justication.

    Products, Automation, Case Conveyor, Robotics


    Whether it is palletizing or order filling, robotic technology continues to make strides in economic justification.

Storage / Retrieval

    Products, Automation, Case Conveyor, ASRS, Automated Storage, Retrieval System

    Automated Storage / Retrieval System (AS/RS)

    Miniload AS/RS systems convert traditional storage systems into order fulfullment systems. This technology can handle cartons or totes with travel speeds up to 1,100 FPM.

    Products, Automation, Case Conveyor, Shuttles


    Whether your application requires for high thoughput or load sequencing, shuttle systems provide a good value for buffer systems.

Case Conveyor

    Products, Automation, Case Conveyor
    Products, Automation
    Products, Automation, Case Conveyor

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