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    Put a charge in your business with cost-saving battery solutions.
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Batteries are a reliable, durable power source that will keep your business moving.

Associated carries an extensive line of batteries for all your lift truck requirements. With today’s ever-increasing lead prices, it doesn’t pay to continually purchase new batteries. With proper maintenance, you could increase battery life up to 25%. Associated’s low-cost battery analysis will provide you with the information to keep your batteries operating and save you money. Our comprehensive battery analysis includes:

- A battery-aging summary
- Complete inspection of all batteries
- A detailed battery summary report

In addition to helping you assess the condition of each of your battery units, we also offer state-of-the-art battery-changing equipment.

The Raymond Batt-R-Ease II® Battery Changer, helps you keep your fleet at full power, while it also:

- Works with existing electric fork lifts
- Reduces batter-changing times by up to 75% over manual systems
- Handles batteries up to 22 Wide x 48 long
- Tow speeds for extension and retraction
- 1-year Raymond Standard Warranty

Running your facility at maximum efficiency means knowing how to get the most out of all your alley equipment. We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with those allied solutions that will power your business toward your long-term goals.

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