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    Power Solutions

    Put a charge in your business with cost-saving power solutions.
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Batteries are a reliable, durable power source that keep your business moving.


Properly maintained batteries are key in extending battery life, reducing repair cost and allows optimal electric forklift performance.

Associated carries an extensive line of batteries for all your lift truck requirements. With today’s ever-increasing lead prices, it doesn’t pay to continually purchase new batteries. With proper maintenance, you could increase battery life up to 25%.

  • Benefits of Properly Maintained Batteries

    • + Increase in available power
    • + Reduction of down time
    • + Reduction in safety concerns
    • + Reduction in repair costs
    • + Improves budgetary stability
    • + Extends battery life
    • + Improves forklift performance

  • Battery and Charger Maintenance

Get the Charge You Need


    Associated offers a full line of forklift batteries, chargers and battery handling systems designed to keep your business moving in the most demanding industrial and warehousing environments.

    Already have your own batteries? Our technicians will work on any brand of batteries or charger.

  • Power Solutions

We offer our own branded/private label battery and will work on all types and brands of batteries. Our battery programs include:

  • Battery Scheduled Maintenance

    • Check all cell voltages and record high and low readings
    • Check and record high and low specific gravities
    • Add water to low cells
    • Replace missing vent caps
    • Inspect cables and connector for exposed wired or damage
    • Record all safety concerns
    • Hand-wipe surfaces with cleaning/neutralizing agent
    • Submit written report with

    Battery Washing

    • On-Site Battery Washing

  • Battery Re-Conditioning

    • Acid Adjustment
    • Capacity Testing
    • Aesthetics: Painting
    • Tray Repair
    • Corrosion Removal

    On-Site Battery Watering

    • Detailed to your specific needs

    Single-Point Watering System Inspection

    • Recommended bi-annual service

We offer our own branded/private label charger and will work on all types and brands of chargers. Our charger programs include:

  • Charger Scheduled Maintenance

    • Verify and record Input Voltage
    • Verify and record Output Amps
    • Inspect for loose connections
    • Verify Control Programming (if applicable)
    • Inspect cables and output connector
    • Vacuum interior through front panel
    • Wipe exterior cabinet
    • Submit written report with findings

  • Battery & Charger Field Service

    • Battery & Charger Repair
    • Emergency Service
    • Load Testing
    • Cable Replacement
    • Cell Replacement
    • On-Site Analysis

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