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  • What is Associated and Stoffel Equipment Company doing to protect its Associates and Customers? 

    Our team at Associated and Stoffel Equipment Company will continue to work hard to take care of your needs as we face this crisis together.  You may be wondering…  What is Associated and Stoffel Equipment Company doing to protect its Associates and Customers?   Our leadership team developed a plan and has been encouraging our team to be proactive, practice social distancing and to take special precaution when visiting our customer’s facilities.  The following outlines in greater detail our plan to keep everyone from harm’s way.


    Be Proactive

    Prevents contamination to keep you and our customers safe and healthy

    We have directed our team to…

    • Familiarize themselves with symptoms of COVID-19
    • If they feel sick, we have directed them to stay home and recover via the CDC guidelines
    • Follow all precautionary steps to maintain required levels of hygiene and cleanliness


    Practice Social Distancing

    Prevents person to person transmission

    We have directed our team to…

    • Maintain a 6’ radius from other people.
    • Cease holding or attending events or group meetings that involve crowds which do not support the CDC recommended 6’ radius.
    • Allowing only business critical visitors/vendors entry to Associated and Stoffel facilities; completion of a Health Screening Questionnaire is required for entry.
    • Use all available technology to support your sales, service and product requirements virtually when and where possible via phone, email and text.
    • Telecommute as well as provide alternative work-schedule arrangements for employees whose responsibilities allow work-from-home while continuing to support the needs of our company and your operations.


    Special Precautions while Visiting Customers Facilities

    To re-assure our customers that Associated is taking the necessary steps to keep our associates as well as their associates safe and healthy

    • Our team is being provided additional soap, cleaning cloths, masks and gloves
    • Adhere to any screenings which may be in place at your facilities including questionnaires and/or temperature readings.
    • Request to work in an isolated area to ensure social distancing.
    • Before and after handling the customers equipment, disinfect your hands by washing with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds as recommended by the CDC.
    • Spray rag with disinfectant spray or bleach solution and wipe down all controls, covers and doors before and after servicing the equipment
    • Wiping down tablet / laptop screens and stylus with disinfectant spray or bleach.              
    • Share with the customer what steps Associated is taking at our facilities to battle COVID-19
    • Temporarily suspend the requirement for customer signatures on completed workorders.  We are not requiring signatures from our customers for work performed


    This is an ever-evolving situation. We remain committed to following the guidance of the federal, state and local governments, as well as the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). While we all find ourselves in uncharted territory, we are committed to your success and will quickly communicate any necessary updates.


    Thank you for your continued partnership. We will persevere and weather this storm together.

    Tim Combs, President & CEO of Associated and Stoffel Equipment Company


    Tim Combs
    President & CEO
    Associated & Stoffel Equipment Company


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