• Keep your products safe and your people safer. Rack Repair.

A Warehouse Can Be a Dangerous Place to Work

Therefore it is imperative that your rack meets stringent health and safety standards. Rack repair is a cost effective, on-site option that can restore your rack system's longevity and safety.

3 images of collapsed racking systems

The above incident could have been avoided! Like far too many, this collapse was caused by lack of consistent and quality rack inspections. Failure to address damaged or missing pallet rack components can result in loss of rack integrity and ultimately end in disaster.

  • Traditional Rack Repair

    Repair Your Damaged Rack Today

    Today, rack repair is an easy on-site option that can help to ensure rack system longevity and safety. Companies are no longer required to incur the cost and inefficiencies of replacing entire uprights. Instead, rack repair can cut out damaged areas and add new sections for a more impact resilient solution. Most importantly, in many instances, there is no need to unload the pallet rack.

    To ensure your rack is up to strict health and safety standards we recommend having regular assessments conducted by trained and qualified rack experts who will help you identify damaged rack as well as possible causes of damage.

    Associated has years of experience implementing these types of repairs at facilities across the country. Our technicians are trained and reliable at in many cases can repair your rack quickly with little or no down downtime incurred.

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