• Safety Training

Safety Requires an Effort by Everyone

Each employee is responsible for his or her own safety. Over the years, we have trained thousands of operators and technicians, and hundreds of trainers. Our safety training results in increased uptime and higher productivity. Associated’s safety programs include:

Forklift Operator Safety Training

  • We know the material handling industry already faces a workforce challenge, both in finding good workers and training them. Without a specific plan or coordinated effort, these problems will only get worse in the future. Safety on the Move®, our industry-leading forklift operator training program, has helped employers protect their people, equipment, and materials since its introduction.

    With proper operator instruction and forklift training, you will be able to maximize your lift truck operation for greater accuracy and efficiency through every shift. Plus, operators who know how to correctly use their equipment are more inclined to take care of it. There is greater productivity, less equipment damage from misuse and abuse, and less product, facility and rack damage due to improper handling practices.

  • Fulfill Operator Training Requirements

    All operators of industrial lift trucks must be trained and certified in the use of their equipment before being allowed to operate it as part of their job. This training has to address the specific type of equipment they will use along with the conditions and characteristics unique to their place of work. Safety on the Move can assist in satisfying regulatory and required forklift training, including OSHA.

  • Safety on the Move

    Forklift Training the Smart Way

    E-Learning Safety On The Move is a comprehensive, yet modular online training program that can be customized to meet the needs of new or seasoned forklift operators while instilling best practices and addressing a variety of concerns such as:

    + Lift truck inspection using the operator daily checklist
    + Safe travel practices throughout the workplace
    + Requirements for operating on docks and ramps

Pedestrian Safety Training

  • Steps to Safety

    The Smart Way to Execute Material Handling Efforts

    We have gone beyond developing a training program for just the operation of the forklifts by developing a program for the other people in a warehouse around forklifts — the pedestrian.
    Raymond's Steps To Safety®: Pedestrian Safety in a Material Handling Environment program assists an employer in teaching pedestrians how to act responsibly in environments where lift trucks are operating to create a more secure, productive environment. In this program, pedestrians learn best-practice concepts and behaviors to prevent injury, and gain environmental awareness and visual communication skills.

An Employer-Based Training Solution

  • Versatile Training Program

    Steps To Safety can be used independently or as a complement to Raymond's lift truck operator training program, Safety On The Move, as well as any existing operator training programs. The program can be facilitated by Associated or by a trainer within your company.

  • Designed with Customer Input

    Steps To Safety was created with input from Raymond Solutions and Support Center representatives and customers who were asking for help in addressing employer-based pedestrian training needs. Steps To Safety encourages the application of the principles explained in the program to specific business environments and material handling processes.

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