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iWAREHOUSE from The Raymond Corporation is a fleet and warehouse optimization system that gets to the "why" behind the data – and more importantly, the "what's next?"

iWAREHOUSE provides real-time monitoring, allowing managers to promote accountability and monitor compliance, risk management, and the status of their fleet, operators and batteries. The intuitive display provides a full-color, touch screen interface for ease of use.

  • iWAREHOUSE Enterprise warehouse optimization system

    Comprehensive Telematics for Any Powered Industrial Vehicle Fleet Size or Mix

    iWAREHOUSE offers an unmatched forklift fleet management system to achieve warehouse optimization across your operations. This comprehensive telematics suite of solutions tracks and reports on vehicle and operator utilization and data to help drive productivity across your operations. With iWAREHOUSE, you can effectively manage and monitor batteries, decrease damage with forklift impact sensors, simplify asset maintenance management, optimize labor resources and turn actionable data into results to reduce costs, deliver on KPIs, and beat the bottom line.

Some features of iWAREHOUSE allow managers to secure vehicle access, manage and monitor impacts, review electronic pre-shift forklift checklists, and report and analyze vehicle and operator utilization for improved productivity. With three levels of iWAREHOUSE functionality available, you can easily select the ideal solution for your specific needs and operation.

  Entry-Level Essential Enterprise
Access Control
Impact Management
Vehicle and Operator Utilization
Electronic Checklist
Enhanced Checklist with post-impact inspection
Texting (truck to server, server to truck)
Load Sensing    
Task Selection    
LMS Integration    
Professional Services    
Report Customization      

Our intelligent warehouse technology solutions, from telematics to automation to our new operator learning tool, the virtual reality simulator, are designed to help you run better and manage smarter, in all areas of your operations. iWAREHOUSE technology solutions include fleet optimization, labor management, and warehouse management.

  • iWAREHOUSE Fleet Management System

    Have increased visibility and meaningful data to help improve your people, processes and operations with the iWAREHOUSE® fleet management system which offers everything from asset and maintenance management, to fleet management and larger-scale facility and labor optimization systems.

Real World Solutions. Change The Way You Do Business.

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