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Pallet Racking

Associated is an Indianapolis material handling equipment supplier offering many types of pallet racks.

We are backed by one of the largest parts divisions in the Midwest.

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Associated provides material handling products and services to customers throughout the Midwest, including industrial shelving system and warehouse storage design, delivery, installation, parts and service. As one of the largest material handling providers in the state, we possess the resources and expertise that others lack.

Pallet Racking & Industrial Shelving

Associated offers a full range of quality shelving, racking and mezzanine alternatives, including both used and new equipment. Our organization offers attractive terms, in addition to services like installation, engineering, project management and customer safety inspection. If you need a hand with warehouse storage, we can provide support.

Cantilever Rack

Cantilever rack is typically used for storage of oversized, bulky or long products like carpet, tubing, plywood, and metal products. Cantilever racking uses structural arms secured to a beam at one end only. Products are stored perpendicular to the arms, allowing lift trucks free access from the face of the structure.

Carton Flow

Flow rack solutions are skate wheel gravity-powered rack equipment perfect for applications with many different SKUs. This variety of racking uses ramped shelving with a loading lane on the high side access and a pick up aisle on the downhill end, allowing a FIFO product inventory cycle. Sloped shelves also improve visibility, enabling greater fulfillment precision. Carton flow equipment is well suited for piece or split case picking.

Drive In Rack

Drive-in racking is a high density industrial racking layout with overhead cross beams that drives efficiencies in warehouse space and employee productivity. Pallets are upheld by tracks anchored to the uprights. Forklifts are able to easily drive in and out of each pallet bay column. Several different types of businesses use drive-in racking, particularly those with large stocks of identical items.

Some examples of uses for drive-in pallet racking are grocery, food service, import/export, food manufacturing, chemicals and bulk product handling.

Because these types of racks are loaded from the face, management of goods is in a “first-in/last-out” order.

Pallet Flow Rack

Pallet flow racking is a high density option that uses a deep lane storage rack design and a first in/first out pallet handling protocol. Pallet flow rack setups are typically put into use for applications with an extensive inventory of pallets of uniform products.

Pallets are filled from an aisle on the backside and picked up from a lane in the front. As units from the face are unloaded, the pallets behind travel down a slope along skate wheels or belts. This type of racking is often put to use in the beverage industry, or other operations that have heavy products with “first in/first out” requirements.

Push Back Rack

Push back rack setups are high density configurations that make efficient use of warehouse space, supporting up to 3,000 lbs. in 2-6' deep channels. All pallets are loaded and unloaded from the front of the equipment, allowing for very dense storage within your warehouse.

Push back racks are a “last in/first out” type of arrangement. As new goods are filled in the front, the products in back of them move up a slope via carts on steel tracks. The reverse occurs as goods are unloaded.

Selective Rack

Selective racking is the most broadly enlisted type of storage today. These racks are made up of load beams fastened to uprights using bolts or teardrop connectors. Selective rack is formed from either structural or roll formed steel, with the latter generally being not as costly and more adaptable.

Standard selective rack implementations are usually configured as “single deep”, which means they have one length of bays per row. Double deep racking options have rows the same height, but two times as wide, meaning they can store two pallets per bay. Double deep configurations are loaded from the front, meaning they are a “first in/last out” implementation.

You can also select different varieties of pallet rack decking and accessories based on your use case and load capacity. Pick from common wire decking, solid steel or perforated steel depending on your individual use.

Boltless Shelving

In addition to pallet racking, Assciated offers a complete range of boltless shelving in heavy, medium and light duty formats. This type of industrial shelving is suitable for shop or light industrial use, shipping operations, paper records, parts and dozens of other purposes that require lighter weight support.

Customers can order decks as traditional particle board, solid metal or wire decking. No nuts, bolts or additional small parts are required for setting up this product, so installation is a simple project. Add accessories such as side panels, work tables, post caps, tie plates or footplates.

Pallet Racking Near Me

With operations throughout the region, our team of storage system experts has the organizational resources to provide the highest quality racking/shelving and warehouse layout assistance in the business. In terms of quality, service, selection, and safety, Associated is the best option in the Midwest. Call one of our racking experts right now for a quote!

The Associated Indianapolis service area includes Indianapolis, Evansville, Fishers, Bloomington, Carmel, Lafayette, Greenwood, Terre Haute, Muncie, Kokomo, Anderson, Westfield, Jeffersonville, Columbus and all surrounding areas.

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